The KT's Dog & Cat Grooming Academy

At KT's Dog & Cat Grooming Academy we aim to give a well-rounded, hands-on, exciting and inspiring education so you can graduate with a skill set that paves the way for your career as a pet groomer. Our state-of-the-art school is located in Berwick, Victoria.


KT and Training staff are always up to date as possible with new tools, equipment, new styles etc. by attending seminars from all over the world.
Attending Grooming competitions to further our skills and learn more about our grooms. There is always more or different ways to do it.
We build all this together with different models of trainers to suit your needs.

Principles & Mission Statement

The KT's Dog & Cat Grooming Academy is dedicated to taking a leadership role with each and every student to guide them to develop a passion to express their creative nature to lead toward a successful career in the grooming, spa and pet care industry.

While the grooming, spa and pet care industry continues to evolve, our staff will encourage and guide the individual student to accept change as a positive part of our individual evolution.

rio grooming school floor

It is the responsibility of our staff individually and collectively to bring “the real world” into the classroom, through practical training, guest artists, salon, grooming socials along with career days and industry field trips.

We strive here at KT's Dog & Cat Grooming Academy to educate qualified students, using state-of-the-art equipment for a lifetime career in the field of grooming. In addition we employ qualified staff for supervision, administration and motivation.

Karen CEO.JPG Meet our CEO


Kylie Tatti CEO,will own & manage the newly renovated Grooming Academy in conjunction with PAWZ INK. Kylie’s is a 3rd generation Dog Groomer with her Mother, Auntie still grooming to this day, this is what we have done every day of our lives, so at our academy our experience is backed up through generations, experience of 29 years grooming and above all teaching you about the mistakes before they happen. Extensive experience in the Pet care industry, nonprofit organizations and advocating for Purebred dogs has positioned her well to lead the staff at KT's Dog & Cat Grooming Academy. She is passionate about KT's Dog & Cat Grooming Academy mission of providing the best services to animals in our care, customer service and the community.



Staff of the school

The quality and skill of our Instructors sets us apart from all other pet care and grooming schools. All of our teachers demonstrate strong communication and interpersonal skills as well as engaging personalities. This translates to interesting and well-taught classes, and better-prepared students.